Thursday, March 5, 2015

Congressional Bigotry

First I must apologize for my absence.  I have had a family emergency that consumed all of my time.  That solved I am back. . . . . . .

Congress and in particular the Republicans have been extremely vocal about President Obama's foreign policy and his handling of ISIS.  ISIS is most likely the most overwhelming threat to world peace since the Nazi threat of WWII.  It is a cancer that is growing and spreading faster than an incurable lung cancer.  Their perverted atrocities exhibited openly should have served notice on the world that nothing short of annihilation of the sect will stop their spread.  Country after country will feel their presence unless the world comes together to wipe them from the face of the earth.

The Republicans have said that President Obama has done little or nothing to stop them, but recently the President went to Congress to ask for the authority to send troops to fight ISIS and help protect our allies.  The Republicans did nothing except to say that such action would give President Obama too much power.  The Republicans chose not to fund Homeland Security unless the bill also took away funding for ObamaCare.  Quite simply they are willing to endanger the security of the United States and the world because politics and their dislike of the President are more insanely important to them.

With all of this said, I have come to the conclusion that the Republican stance is not just about politics, but rather the prejudice that President Obama is black.  He just doesn't fit into the "good ole boys" standard of being white.  Not all of the President's ideas are good, but most have merit and should give Congress a foundation on which to get something done.  Instead Congress chooses to attack and dismiss anything that the President does or says.

President Obama's plan for limiting Iran's capability for nuclear development is logical and gives us a means to enter the country and inspect all nuclear facilities to prevent the development of nuclear arms.  Not only has congress belittled continuing negotiations with Iran, but has even bypassed the President by bringing the hawkish Israel Prime Minister to speak before Congress.  Once again it is the Republican leadership that ignores a black President to demonstrate their bigotry.  I am ashamed that our elected senators and representatives demonstrate to the world that discrimination is not dead in the United States of America.

Friday, September 26, 2014

ISIS and the Nazi Holocaust

History tells us how to avoid the mistakes we made in the past.  Seldom though do we heed those lessons.  Certain actions we took in the past led to disastrous results which had a lasting effect on our culture, civilized society and indeed civilization itself.

During World War II we engaged in a prolonged air and bombing offensive to defeat the nazi (I refuse to capitalize the name) regime.  The nazis had begun a continuing effort to annihilate the people who practiced the Jewish religion.  Without regard to gender or age they indriscriminately put to death eight million people (not all were Jewish) with bullets, engine exhaust and gas chambers.  The most frightening aspect of this scenario is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was aware of these mass murders and yet did nothing more than continue the bombing.  Perhaps the technology of the day did not allow a more aggressive effort to come forth.  Nonetheless nothing was done directly to stop the killing of innocent civilians even though we knew what was happening.  Thousands of airmen gave their lives in the bombing raids while below them thousands more were giving their lives simply for the religion that they practiced.

Today we see a similar situation.  Thousands of innocent people are being murdered openly to the eyes of the world.  We now have a terrorist organization that is determined to set back civilization at least a thousand years; they are ISIS or ISIL.  Nothing in history demonstrates such demonic, barbaric or hideous behavior as does ISIS.  They behead civilians simply because of the victims country or origin to shock the world.  They stone women, mutilate women, crucify, behead and otherwise murder anyone who is of a religion other than their Sunni brand of Islam.  Prisoners of war are summarily executed in mass by slavering psychotics with guns.

Do not think that they are simply an abhoration of the Middle East.  They are in fact a virilant plague upon all the earth.  They will not stop with victories in Syria and Iraq.  They will infect every corner of every country until there are no borders or independent countries left.  Their psychosis hungers for your blood and mine.

We have started a bombing campaign just as we did in WWII.  The WWII campaign did not stop the nazis from their mass murders, and it will not stop ISIS.  We have done little to directly save the innocent civilians of the two countries currently victims of ISIS.  We are charged by humanity to muster the courage to use every means possible to save these people.  Bombing does little except to anger the psychotic killers into a murdering frenzy.  The only solution is to bring every army of the world to attack and destroy every ISIS stronghold until the world is safe again.  We must learn from history and never allow another holocaust on this earth. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ebola, My Worst Fear

The world is in such turmoil that if you are not afraid of what is to come, you must be asleep or so wrapped in domestic politics that nothing else matters.  Disease for which there is no cure and is fatal 60% of the time should have you cringing.

We humans continue to use all of the natural resources available to us.  This includes the rain forest trees for lumber and rare woods.  Each time we destroy a part of the tropical rain forests we displace the fauna that live there.  This includes bacteria and viruses.  Larger animals move on to habitat that humans have not yet destroyed, while bacteria and viruses seek new hosts.  Some of these microscopic entities use humans as the host with what could be fatal results for the human host.

Patient zero in the case of the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was a two year old girl.  No one knows how she came in contact with the disease, but it is my guess that it was not through contact with any living animal.  When she died her family came from many villages and carried the disease with them when they returned to their homes.  Thus began the spread of the disease.

It is believed that the disease spreads through contact with bodily fluids of an infected individual.  The truth is that no one, even our best scientists, knows if there is any other transmission device in play.  Two US citizens have been brought to this country for treatment.  During their service in the infected areas they wore protective suits that would have prevented them from coming in contact with any bodily fluids of infected patients.  Both were well trained in medical procedures, one being a doctor and the other a nurse.  So how did they become infected?

We do know that these types of viruses are constantly evolving.  It only takes one mutation into an air born transmission to begin infecting anyone who comes in contact with it.  We also don't understand totally if survivors of the disease become carriers of it.  So why did they bring the two infected Americans to this country?  They could have just as easily taken the proper equipment and isolation units to them in Africa.  Are we now in danger of the disease being in the United States?  Does anyone have an answer to what is to come?  Even the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has upgraded their staff to level one which puts all scientists and workers at their highest level where everyone is working on controlling the disease.  I wonder what's next?  Care to take a guess?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where Are the Stewards of the Nation?

Ever since I was a teenager I was told that I was responsible for everything that I owned, my own environment, my friends and my relationship and the environment that is this world.  As I grew more sophisticated and mature my parents and those around me referred to this responsibility as my stewardship.  I have always felt that I am the Steward of everything around me.

So it is that the government of the United States of America is the Steward of our nation.  The House of Representatives and the Senate have lost sight of their stewardship.  They seem more concerned with absolute ideologies and individual goals of reelection.  Representatives in the house spend their first year in office espousing whatever verbiage they think will sustain them in office.  The next year is spent almost entirely campaigning for their reelection.  They seem to forget that they are truly a representative for the people in their constituency.  I am sad to admit that I have never heard from my representative.  I have no idea what his or her voting history is, and the only way to find out is to go on the Internet, and specifically search for that voting record.

Let us not forget that the grand gentlemen Senators are.  This senior stewards of our nation.  They too espouses verbiage that supports their own ideology or throws mud on the opposing party.  Once every four years, they spent the fourth year of their term campaigning for reelection.  Never has either Sen. from my state asked for my opinion on any subject, I did than to send me a cardboard flyer that asks for my vote.  Could it be that they do not realize that they are the senior stewards of our nation.

Both houses of Congress are mired to near inactivity locking on to ideologies and allowing no room for compromise .  The Republicans are determined to find some reason to discredit Pres. Obama and any of his programs., it does not seem to matter whether multitudes of investigations have found nothing,.  They still persist in spending our taxpayer dollars on more investigations to investigate things that have been investigated several times already. were the Republican Party is now so fractured by the tea party that their direction and purpose is almost lost . 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Republican Schemes and Minorities

The Republican Party is deathly afraid of minorities. Minorities traditionally are Democratic voters and this presents a huge problem for the Republican Party. What if the combined minorities were to become the majority in this country? The answer is simple, the Republican Party would no longer exist as we know it today.

Immigration reform has become a hot topic in both the Senate and the house. Sen. McCain has stated that the Republican Party cannot have a Republican president without voting in immigration reform. The majority of the Republicans in Congress are afraid to pass an immigration bill simply because the massive influx of immigrants from Mexico and South America would be overwhelming. If they were allowed to vote their votes would be primarily Democratic. It is easy to understand why the Republican Party would resist any kind of immigration reform if it would add legal Democratic voters.

Just recently the Democratic Party has gone public with statements regarding racism on the part of the Republican Party. I personally do not believe that racism is the problem, but rather the fear of having Democratic voters to vote Republicans out of office. Whichever is true the Republican Party has done itself a great disservice by not passing immigration reform and giving the appearance of being racist. I do know that some private citizens such as Ted Nugent have openly made racist remarks regarding Pres. Obama. Such ignorant rhetoric sickens me and has no place in this country.

The Republican Party is predicting that they will control both the house and the Senate in the upcoming elections this fall. I don't believe that the American people will so quickly forget the Republican shutdown of the government, the do nothing Congress at the hands of the Republicans, and failure to enact emergency unemployment compensation for those millions of people out of work. Even if the extended unemployment benefits were voted in retroactively many of the unemployed have ceased their weekly reporting and job search efforts as far as recording. This means that many of the unemployed would still not receive their extended benefits.

So it is that the list of voters who will vote against the Republican Party is growing. It is possible that their tactics will backfire and leave us with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate . We should all hope for a balance in power that gives us a reasonable compromise between Republican and Democratic ideas. That is something we have not seen in Congress for the last six years.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think. it's your turn now.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Dangerous Republicans Plus One

As you are well aware our Senate and House have accomplished very little if anything about the issues that affect our nation.  The Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa.  I feel it is the Republican party and their internal bickering that is to blame.  Here are three Republicans I consider dangerous for the welfare of our nation.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas:  Cruz was single handedly responsible for the recent government shutdown.  His support of the Tea Party continues to split the Republican party.  He blamed President Obama for the shutdown when in fact it was Cruz who suggested the action to the Senate and House.  He must think we are all ignorant with short term memory deficit not to remember his actions.  The Republicans are afraid to punish him for not following party lines since nothing seems to phase him.  He could care less if they censure him or take him off the committees in which he serves.  Most recently he refused to budge from his stand on the budget.  It is his way or the highway. 

Cruz also holds dual citizenship for Canada and the US.  He has said that he intends to withdraw his Canadian citizenship over seven months ago.  It is one simple form that needs to be submitted and yet he keeps giving excuses for not filling out the form and submitting it.  I don't think we want a Senator much less a President holding dual citizenship to be in office.  Perhaps he has dreams of being king of North America.

John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona:  McCain recently announced that unless immigration reform was passed the Republicans had no chance of gaining the Presidency in 2016.  Immigration reform is a human issue and has no place being used solely as a political football.  It is an issue that involves the protection and borders of the US and allows those deserving of a place in our diverse country to become part of the nation.  Without migrant farm workers from Mexico and South America we would have no food to eat.  They are doing the jobs that most US citizens refuse to do.  I have consulted for many of our largest food industrial plants and find that all of them are staffed by immigrant workers from south of our borders.  Shame on Mr McCain.

More recently he railed on President Obama for taking no action against Russia involving the Ukraine crisis.  The fact is that no Republican President has ever taken any kind of action against Russia in similar circumstances.  The fact is that President Obama has taken a very hard line against any Russian interference regarding the Ukraine.  Perhaps the Senator thinks we are oblivious to the past and the present.  All blustering talk with no substance or regard for this nation.

Darrel Issa, Republican Representative from California:  Issa is chairman of the House Oversight Committee.  He is outspoken about government spending and consistantly votes against any increase.  Still he continues to spend money having investigation after investigation looking for the smoking gun to impeach President Obama.  His latest investigation of the IRS involves looking for any connection to the President regarding the IRS failure to grant tax free status to Tea Party Republican organizations.  There is no connection to the white house regarding anything regarding the IRS the disaster in Lybia or anything else for that matter.  Issa recently stormed out of a hearing enraged that he was not getting his way just as a six year old might do.  Perhaps it is time for him to get back to work on solving the nation's problems rather than his chase of the President.

Ted Nugent, private citizen:  This is the most hate filled individual with a voice that I have ever encountered.  He constantly refers to political personalities that he disagrees with as Nazis and connecting them somehow to Hitler.  He recently referred to President Obama as a "subhuman throwback."  It is obvious he has no respect for our government or the office of President.  He also has a program on the "Outdoor Channel" about guns, bows and arrows and trophy hunting.  He certainly demonstrates that he has little respect for our diminishing wildlife and ecology.  I'm convinced that his love of guns is a result of some male deficiency which is being replaced with his favorite phallic symbol.  His remark about President Obama is racist and has no place in our national pride.  I would suggest that the "Outdoor Channel" remove him from their programing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Will ObamaCare Be in 2020?

First we must understand what Obamacare really is.  It is in fact the reform of the health insurance industry.  It is not a reformation of the medical industry.  It does nothing for the cost of medical services such as doctors, hospitals or specialized services such as an MRI.  Theoretically the cost of medical services should reduce since everyone will be insured and hospitals and other services will no longer take any losses for treating uninsured patients.  Profitability for hospitals should soar, and you can bet your bottom dollar that none of that profit will be used to reduce costs to the consumer.  We might as well face facts that greed is what runs the medical field just like any other business.

Obamacare has set up the insurance industry for what is known as adverse selection.  Insurers who participate in the program have pre-existing conditions, the chronically ill and emergency conditions such as auto accident victims shoved down their throats.  The invincible young either don't care or can't afford any premium bill.  Those are the very individuals it would take to make Obamacare work.  Insurance companies underwrite for profit and adverse selection makes profitability nearly impossible.  Even giving tax credits does little or nothing to alleviate the problem since the youth usually live pay check to pay check and any premium out of their pockets makes survival and food impossible. 

The Republicans recently introduced an alternative plan, but it was so similar to the Affordable Care Act that it would accomplish nothing.  I believe that we are so far into Obamacare that there is little that can be done to correct the devastating effect it will have on the insurance industry.  Perhaps it could be amended one step at a time to alleviate the weaker points in the law such as adverse selection.  The next thing we might see is the government having to bail out the insurance industry.  There has to be a better way.

I am a liberal in most things.  I don't claim to have the answers for solving medical cost reform, but I do know this is not a good law.  We need risk pool insurance for those at high risk like the uninsured, pre-existing conditions and the chronically ill.  A risk pool where all medical insurance companies pay a tax for administrative costs and patients are assigned to individual insurance companies on a rotating basis.  This spreads the risk to several different companies with increased or surcharged premiums to help defer the cost of a patient's medical bills.  This is a far simpler solution which the government can oversee without involving the IRS (which knows too much about us already) and at the same time use the participation tax on the insurance companies to pay for running the program. 

So here is my prediction for 2020.  We will see several medical insurance companies opt out of Obamacare and a few declaring bankruptcy.  Obamacare itself may be repealed or reworked to something for different that it is today.  Who knows where this may lead and what its effect on the working public may be.  It is a bad law and is doomed to some kind of failure within the next 6 years.

I would truly enjoy hearing from you, so leave a comment and tell me what you think......

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

US Government is Failing

You probably know by now that I am a moderate liberal. I have no tolerance of the Republican Party and its tea party segment, nor do I lose any love for Obama care. We now have a Senate and House that has only a 9% approval rating. It is even more shocking when you look at the opposite of that rating which is a 91% disapproval rating. Even the president has dropped down to a 38% approval rating. In plain and simple terms that means that the citizens of this country have little or no faith in government.

It is easy to look back and say what should have been done, hindsight being much more accurate than foresight. It is obvious today that Obama care is a complete and utter failure. Even if you were to disregard the failure of the government website very few people are signing up for the plans. I am one of the lucky ones since I have a plan that meets all of the government requirements and will not be canceled, but if I did have to comply with the current law and sign up I would not do so.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have had ample opportunity to correct the flaws in the law neither party has done anything constructive to make the law viable. Both parties should have altered the law one piece at a time. Instead the Republicans chose to hold a nation hostage demanding that Obama care be overturned in total. The Democrats stuck their feet in the sand and did nothing to correct what they surely knew were flaws in the law and pass new pieces of legislation that the Republicans probably would have accepted. For example instead of the insurance exchange we should have had a high risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions and no prior insurance. That is an acceptable insurance standard. I spent 20 years in the insurance business and no that each state has laws and regulations that prevent insurance companies from taking unfair advantage of the population and laws that prevent insurance fraud. Now the federal government is telling us we must have insurance and they are going to control it. My answer to that is BS.

It is time for the Republican Party to disown the tea party. Republican leadership is letting the tea party dictate absolute anarchy and destruction of the current political system. The only reason the Republicans tolerate the tea party is because it keeps their majority in the house and possibly voters in the Republican Party. January 15 will probably see another hostage situation with the tea party holding the American public in limbo with a government shutdown.

There is no doubt that the current Congress both Democrat and Republican has accomplished absolutely nothing in the last year. We have no gun control laws and every day I see another mass murder situation or another person dead in my city from guns. We have no immigration reform and illegals continue to stream into this country and we continue to spend money trying to get them out. We have no budget which is absolutely a congressional responsibility and not the responsibility of the president. We have no legislation that means anything to anyone. We simply have a bunch of senators and representatives that sit on their ass and argue about everything under the sun and accomplish absolutely nothing. It is time to remove every single one of them and replace them with people who can get the job done.

Please leave a comment and let me know your ideas for solving this horendous  problem.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Republicans Rebrand Their Party

The republican party has struggled to change their image ever since the latest presidential election.  Their goal was to reach a larger percentage of the population with their conservative message.  They succeeded with the government shutdown.  We all got the message and 74% of us disapproved of their actions.

The republican party took it upon themselves to use extortion to bring a government to its knees.  They put 800,000 people out of work.  They harmed the US economy to the tune of $24 billion.  They upset world markets.  Most of the world lost faith in the reliability of the United States and China downgraded its credit rating of our country (China is our largest creditor).  No matter where you look - we lost.

First it was Obama Care, Affordable Care Act, that they were trying to stop.  Then it became the debt ceiling and Obama Care was forgotten.  It was just a chain of excuses.

The Democrats are not without blame in this fiasco.  They refused to negotiate and yet in the end gave up ground to the Republicans.  It is time to replace all of them.  Mr. Cruz (he does not deserve the title of senator) should be removed from office.  His call for extortion was not only illegal, but unconstitutional.  Even now he goes on with his rhetoric and threatens another standoff in January.  

As most of my readers know I am not a fan of the Affordable Care Act.  I believe strongly that the Republicans took the worst possible means to get rid of it.  They should just attack the problem and work on making it practical for all citizens to have the opportunity to purchase health insurance.  More on that in my next posting.

The bottom line is REPLACE INCUMBENTS IN BOTH HOUSES.  It seems that is the only voice we have left.  The 2014 elections should be most interesting.

It's your turn.  Leave a comment and tell me what you really think.......

Monday, September 23, 2013

The New Three Party Congress

Congress is on the verge of a new three party system. It would be comprised of the Democrats, the Republicans, and the tea party. This three party system may not be all bad. Corporations this, especially small corporations, have used at least three members of a board of directors or awed numbers of members to prevent any stalemates on voting. The same might be said for Congress, although right now the tea party is causing a complete blockade by threatening to shut down our government for lack of funding. Tea party Republicans seem to be set on having their way for their ideology: beliefs. They are not open to compromise or even discussing anything other than their own agenda. They are refusing to follow the established Republican leadership.

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said it is only a fool or refuses to consider any other ideas. Well, it would seem that the Republican tea party has placed themselves in the category of being a group of fools. To shut down our government for lack of funding will do unrepairable damage to our economic recovery and the United States credit rating. If the tea party thinks that such action would gain any votes for the Republican Party they are sadly mistaken. Any time you cut off Social Security payments close the doors on government agencies and failed to meet payrolls you are not winning any popular vote.

Someplace in all of this mess there is a compromise that would satisfy both the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans have made a serious mistake in voting in non-funding for the affordable care act which is a law. I'm not even sure that deleting the funding for that act is legal in fact it may be criminal. How can unique eight a law by refusing money for it instead of repealing the act? I have always found in my dealings that attacking a problem specifically is always better than trying to sneak a solution through some kind of diversion of your own making. Even for Obama care there is a compromise solution.

I believe it is only a matter of time before the tea party is completely separated from the Republican Party. It might even be the demise of both the Republican Party and the tea party as we know them today. I would hate to think what might happen to this country if that were the case.

Now it is your turn to talk about government shutdown in the Republican tea party. Leave a comment.
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